Mainly about writing for publication in nursing and health covering writing methods, publishing standards, publication ethics and recent developments in the academic publishing industry. Recently I added readings of selected general articles on politics, the pandemic and free speech issues.

Watson R (2022) I’m a Platinum Party pooper The New Conservative 6 June

Watson R (2022) The Most Beautiful Thing This Side of Heaven The European Conservative 5 June

Out of Commission

Watson R (2022) Out of Commission Country Squire Magazine 4 June

Watson R (2022) I will NOT be celebrating the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee! Unity News Network 1 June

Watson R (2022) God created them intersex gender-nonconforming The New Conservative 30 May

Watson R (2022) Ireland: the 51st State The New Conservative 26 May

Watson R (2022) Davos- Have you ever seen such SICKENING hypocrisy in your life?! Unity News Network 25 May

Watson R (2022) Against an independent Scotland: Independence would leave Scotland defenceless CIEO 24 May

Watson R (2022) They’re making a monkey of us Unity News Network 23 May

Watson R (2022) Dragging kids to the library The New Conservative 23 May

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