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Medical Journals: Is Milton Packer Crying Wolf?

Journal editor defends the impact factor

by Roger Watson, April 29, 2019


Polygenic risk scores

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Ten flights, seven cities, and three weeks in China

By Roger Watson | 04/23/2019

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Interview on BBC Radio Humberside with Graeme Stasiuk and Justin Sturge about recent research:

Mitchell T. Clarke, Francesco Narda Viscomi, Thomas W. Chamberlain, Nicole Hondow, Ali M. Adawi, Justin Sturge, Steven C. Erwin, Jean-Sebastien G. Bouillard, Sudarsan Tamang & Graeme J. Stasiuk (2019) Synthesis of super bright indium phosphide colloidal quantum dots through thermal diffusion Nature Communications Chemistry 2:36

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Time to plan for Plan S

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