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How To Publish a Preprint

A How-To on How to Publish a Preprint

Roger Watson

NURSE AUTHOR & EDITOR, 2020, 30(2), 6

Jansson, M, Ohtonen, P, Syrjälä, H, Ala‐Kokko, T. The proportion of understaffing and increased nursing workload are associated with multiple organ failure: A cross‐sectional study. J Adv Nurs. 2020;

The University response to Covid and nursing education - mentions the Burdett Trust funded STaR nursing retention project

Julian and Sandy

Julian and Sandy clip from BBC radio comedy Round the Horn 

The COVID‐19 epidemic of manuscripts

First published:28 May 2020


The Journal of Advanced Nursing will continue to operate normally and we will be publishing anything related to the Coronavirus COVID-19 open access.

The Contribution of Peer Review to Scholarly Publishing

Roger Watson

NURSE AUTHOR & EDITOR, 2020, 30(2), 1

If you edit a reputable journal for a reputable publisher then you will have noticed the, now common, multi-coloured ‘doughnut’ with a number in the middle on the landing pages of the published articles. This number is the Altmetrics score and it is a measure of the attention that articles have had on a range of online platforms including social media (Dardas et al., 2018). Like most ‘metrics’ the bigger the number, the better, as it indicates greater online attention. While traditional metrics – principally the Clarivate® journal impact factor – are still considered important, the value of Altmetrics is becoming increasingly recognised and, if ‘bigger is better’ then as editors we should be paying attention to how we can maximise the impact of the articles we publish online and, thereby, increase Altmetrics scores wherever possible. How do we do it?

Why I love Still Game

From Wikipedia:

Still Game is a Scottish sitcom, produced by The Comedy Unit with BBC Scotland. It was created by Ford Kiernan and Greg Hemphill, who played the lead characters, Jack Jarvis and Victor McDade, two Glaswegian pensioners. The characters first appeared in the pair's previous TV sketch show Chewin' the Fat, which aired in Scotland from January 1999 until December 2005.

The Importance of Altmetrics - a primer The Wiley Network 1 June 2016

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