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Writing for The Conversation

Roger Watson

NURSE AUTHOR & EDITOR, 2017, 27(3), 3

What Does an Editor-in-Chief Actually Do: The View from the Journal of Advanced Nursing

Roger Watson

NURSE AUTHOR & EDITOR, 2017, 27(4), 6

Gold, Green, or Diamond: Which is Best?


NURSE AUTHOR & EDITOR, 2018, 28(2), 6

The Far East and a bridge too far

RNL’s bridge-running, continent-connecting globetrotter provides an update.

Timonet‐Andreu, E. , Canca‐Sanchez, J. C., Sepulveda‐Sanchez, J. , Ortiz‐Tomé, C. , Rivas‐Ruiz, F. , Toribio‐Toribio, J. C., Mora‐Banderas, A. and Morales‐Asencio, J. M. (2018), Overestimation of hours dedicated to family caregiving of persons with heart failureJ Adv Nurs. doi:10.1111/jan.13727