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Snowden, A., Stenhouse, R., Duers, L., Marshall, S., Carver, F., Brown, N. and Young, J. (2017), The relationship between emotional intelligence, previous caring experience, and successful completion of a pre-registration nursing/midwifery degreeJ Adv Nurs. doi:10.1111/jan.13455

Open in order to…

A podcast for Open Acccess week 2017 (23-29 October)

Hsieh, H.-F., Wang, H.-H., Shen, S.-H. and Li, Y.-C. (2017), . J Adv Nurs doi:10.1111/jan.13451

Upright or lying down?

Deliktas, A. and Kukulu, K. (2017), A Meta-Analysis of The Effect On Maternal Health Of Upright Positions During The Second Stage Of Labour, Without Routine Epidural Analgesia. J Adv Nurs.  doi:10.1111/jan.13447

How much self citation is too much, should you cite the journal to which you are submitting and should editors ask you to cite their journal?

Clearly being forced to express his own view he reitereted the view of The Church - I thought his distinction between same-sex marriage and abortion was magnificent and he clearly expressed his own view on that.

Keynote to International Philosophy in Nursing Conference, Worcester 31 August 2017