Mainly about writing for publication in nursing and health covering writing methods, publishing standards, publication ethics and recent developments in the academic publishing industry.

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This set of haiku was written in Hong Kong in June 2017 following a typhoon.

Riyadh sequence haiku

These haiku were written in Riyadh in June 2017 but the call to prayer was recorded in Oman in 2016

Seminar at Oxford Brookes University 23 June 2017 on preparing papers for the Research Excellence Framework (heavily edited)

Haiku June 2017

These haiku are based on some reflections while travelling recently in the Middle East and Far East. My first time to commit these to podcast; I hope you enjoy them. More of my haiku (some better than others) at my blog HaikuFlyku.

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I often hear that you cannot publish from a masters dissertation, that you can only publish three papers from your PhD and that you cannot publish from either if they are deposited online by your university. All wrong and I explain why.