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Nuttal P (1976) Nursing in the year AD 2000 Journal of Advanced Nursing 1, 101-110

* Peggy Nuttall was Vice Chairman, Royal College of Nursing, London and this was an address, the First Battersea Memorial Lecture, on 7 November 1975 to the Association of Integrated and Degree Courses in Nursing

CHRISTENSEN M., AUBEELUCK A., FERGUSSON D., CRAFT J., KNIGHT J., WIRIHANA L. & STUPPLE E. (2016) Do nursing students experience Imposter Phenomenon? An international comparison of final year undergraduate nursing students' readiness for registrationJournal of Advanced Nursing doi:10.1111/jan.13034

Faculty of Health & Social Care Faculty seminar, University of Hull 23 June 2016

MORRISON L.E. & JOY J. P. (2016) Secondary traumatic stress in the emergency department Journal of Advanced Nursing doi: 1 10.1111/jan.13030

Hong Kong June 2016

Just some reflections on a week spent at the HK University Grants Committee and catching up with old friends

The MTR journey from Hung Hom to Wan Chai with a couple of stops; it's Sunday so it's actually quieter than usual but I noticed more than ever on this visit that Hong Kong is vert 'noise polluted'

World Sickle Cell Day

World Sickle Cell Day is on 19th June

The is in English and Chinese - two hours (Translation by Daniel Liu)

All in Chinese