Mainly about writing for publication in nursing and health covering writing methods, publishing standards, publication ethics and recent developments in the academic publishing industry.

Some reflections - and a snippet - on teaching the students here. A full version of my session on The Four Rules of Writing is also on the blog.

Some reflections on being here and being an Editor-in-Chief

Train and plane noises and me trying to speak Italian. 'Salute' is health and I said 'Saludo'

From practice to academia

Logan PA, Gallimore D, Jordan S (2015) Transition from clinician to academic: an interview study of the experiences of UK and Australian Registered Nurses Journal of Advanced Nursing doi: 110.1111/jan.12848

Eating in dementia

Liu W, Galike E, Boltz M, Nahme E-S, Lerner N, Resnick B (2015) Factors associated with eating performance for long-term care residents with moderate-to-severe cognitive impairment Journal of Advanced Nursing doi: 10.1111/jan.12846

Corridor talk in hospitals

Gonzalez-Martinez E, Bangerter A, Lê Van K, Navarro C (2015) Hospital staff corridor conversations: work in passing Journal of Advanced Nursing doi: 10.1111/jan.12842