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Nothing spectacular to report but enjoyed doing my writing workshop

Hear the incredible noise of the birds flocking at dusk outside my hotel - otherwise, it's just me

The RN4CAST@IT project

Sasso, L., Bagnasco, A., Zanini, M., Catania, G., Aleo, G., Santullo, A., Spandonaro, F., Icardi, G., Watson, R. and Sermeus, W. (2015), RN4CAST@IT: why is it important for Italy to take part in the RN4CAST project?. Journal of Advanced Nursing. doi: 10.1111/jan.12709

Lots of airplane noises as I make my way back to University of Western Australia for Adjunct Professor duties.

A walk through Seoul, conference noises and airplane noises

Running, an expensive breakfast, meeting lots of friends - old and new - and dinner with Wiley Asia-Pacific office colleagues. Korean food is far from my favourite cuisine.

Hong Kong to Seoul

Uneventful day going from Far East to SE Asia

Lunch, working in my room and the good news about impact factor - plus a brief and very poor explanation of same

Visit to City University, final day of work in Hong Kong and dinner

Lunch, work, dinner