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Rentala S, Fong TCT, Nattala P, Chan CLW, Reddemma K (2015) Effectiveness of body–mind–spirit intervention on well-being, functional impairment and quality of life among depressive patients – a randomized controlled trial Journal of Advanced Nursing doi: 10.1111/jan.12677

A frequently asked question at my writing for publication workshops

Jeddah to Hull

Meeting an old friend in the lounge in Riyadh

Last full day in Jeddah

Reflections from Jeddah

Some in Saudi may be offended by my views on how Saudi women are treated

First day in Jeddah

New airplane noises - Saudia - and meeting old friends in Jeddah

Last day in Riyadh

Failed attempt to record Geoff Norman's a non-podcast

Keynote in Riyadh

Not much to report today

Day 2 - Sounds of Riyadh

Museum, souk (auction), call to prayer

UK to Riyadh

Mainly train and plane noises