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And the year ends in Spain

By Roger Watson | 12/21/2018
A final visit to Pamplona—sans the bulls—and Roger Watson returns home to celebrate the festive season with friends and family. 

Why I love Damien Slash

A Christmas party


The word penetrated the loud chatter, reached her ear and the ‘cocktail party effect’ kicked in.

‘Yes, I work locally. Love my job.’

She disengaged from the hungry gaze and the increasingly salacious conversation of the man who was speaking to her and tossed a glance in the direction of the voice she was actually listening to. She was not disappointed.

Feltrin C, Newton JM, Willetts G. How graduate nurses adapt to individual ward culture: A grounded theory studyJ Adv Nurs2018;

Reflections on Nursing Leadership

Connecting Continents

Making connections in China, logistically and professionally

30 November 2018

Why I love Sindhu Vee

From BBC Radio iPlayer Comedy

Conference paper delivered in Jinan, Shandong Province, China at the International Nursing Professional Conference at 2nd Hospital of Shandong University 17 November 2018 

Guest lecture to the inaugural meeting of the Northern Hub of Sigma Phi Mu chapter England

One month, three countries

Reflections on Nursing Leadership

One month, three countries

By Roger Watson
6 Novemebr 2018


Sleep, gender and nursing

López‐Soto, P. J., Fabbian, F. , Cappadona, R. , Zucchi, B. , Manfredini, F. , García‐Arcos, A. , Carmona‐Torres, J. M., Manfredini, R. and Rodríguez‐Borrego, M. A. (2018), Chronotype, nursing activity and gender: A systematic review. J Adv Nurs. doi:10.1111/jan.13876